Host your event at Urban Office!

Urban Office doesn't just have offices. We have an array of beautiful event spaces supporting groups of over 100!

Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms can be found here, and may be booked directly between 9a-5p. If you'd like your event outside of those hours, please use our event request form below.

Our Urban Event Spaces

Our coworking space features several individual spaces that can be linked together or rented independently for events of various sizes! Our Create/Imagine conference rooms open up to fit about 40 people standing, and with the combination of our bar space alongside, you can get have a great event with 60-70 people. From there, you can add on the kitchen space and grow your event to include our large kitchen and its freestanding bar. The lounge is a great addition to any event to give people space to breathe and relax. With all of the spaces included, we can fit well over 100 of your guests. These premium and beautiful spaces are priced based on the impact to our coworking space, and are generally only available in the evenings and weekend.